2YOUNG2FAIL leading idea is that, if the causes of school failure and dropout can have roots in the pre-teen years, middle school - a potentially powerful learning time – becomes a critical “make or break” period. 2YOUNG2FAIL has identified 3 core needs and objectives and designed associated actions:

Need 1:
- to provide a cross-sectorial platform of exchange of experiences and practices between partners with excellence initiatives in this area and of different backgrounds and missions,  thus fostering a mutual learning process;
 - to grant access to a wide menu of consolidated comprehensive and cross sectorial prevention and intervention strategies tailored on the specified age group (best practice collection – innovative feature);
- to promote focused research on the broad issue of relationship/ social capital (peer-to-peer relationship, school leadership and family engagement) and on its potential impact on drop out measures.

Need 2:
The school cannot and must not address independently the broad range of social, emotional and personal needs that affect the academic performance of children. A process is needed for the school and community to avoid isolation, develop a common vision, and build long lasting commitment and collaboration from policy makers, society, family and other stakeholders. A first important step in building such cohesive vision is to provide institutions' leaders with the essential content knowledge and materials necessary to develop successful school/community collaborations .

Need 3:
It is the need for a continuous professional development and empowerment of teachers and school management, need for school staff to gain a deep understanding of ESL, enhance awareness on their own role in preventing it and to develop the skills to work with other professions and partners, in a “whole school approach” (design, development, testing and sharing of specific training modules and support multimedia tools).